Managing Director's Desk




We at GENERIC are fully committed to quality of structures that we create and deliver with full satisfaction to our valued customers whom we serve.

GENERIC has travelled miles in its professional journey since 1967 where the founder Mr Ravilal Shivgan Patel had laid the sound foundation. Since then we have sailed across a turbulent water yet maintained its speed and stamina to excel in all its ventures and delivered quality products on time.

It is a matter of great pride for me as MD, to be a part and lead the well-motivated GENERIC Team which is committed to its cause of innovative creations and construction marvels.

Belief in “Build it right, Build it once” has been the most inspiring and driving factor for GENERIC’s success. It is my pleasure and honour to lead the team and the GENERIC Group from mile stones to mile stones of innovation and success.


  • Increase employee independence and technical competency

  • Provide quality corporate social services

  • Implement proven Quality Management systems and practices

  • Innovate and improve our products that provide fullest satisfaction to our valued customers

  • Create opportunities for partnerships

  • Provide safe Environment at work place

Further, it shall always be my endeavour and shall strive for GENERIC's growth in all its future ventures and lead the path of success with full dedication and devotion.

Our people and business partners shall continue to be the ‘Driving Force’ behind our success and growth.