The world today is rapidly changing and dynamism is constant in the field of construction. Also, businesses today need technologies which improve productivity by reduction of costs and turn-around time. GENERIC believes that an innovative thought process is the key to sustain in this fast-paced age.

GENERIC follows a lean approach both on-site and back-end to enable reduction of resource wastage in turn leading to cost efficiency. Moreover, we believe that in order to maintain success, constant updation and incremental improvement is needed. This thought process drives us to keep ourselves abreast with trends running in the world.

GENERIC thus has a holistic approach while conducting their campaigns to give justice to the bigger picture without digressing from the core idea.

Preconstruction Services

GENERIC’s role in a project begins much before the initiation. With our abilities of simulating the project phases based on past experiences, ongoing industry trends and foresight about the future help us to plan in advance.

All systems and resources including materials and manpower are aligned based on requirements of various stakeholders to be involved in the project work.

In this phase, budgets, timelines and broad level execution plans are charted out for further execution.

Pan Industry Construction

GENERIC has strong expertise to work across various industry sectors. With our network of industry experts, our team is equipped with knowledge of requirements unique to each sector.

Cognizance of facility management adds on to our strength with which we are capable of undertaking construction for various sectors.

Through our journey over the last 5 decades, we have developed our base for handling various tasks in different areas.

Safety ‘Zero Harm’ Operations

At GENERIC nothing is more important than the element of safety for all our stakeholders across segments. Our approach makes us ensure a 'Zero Harm' work environment so as to prevent work related hazards.

Our focus is on maintaining health of our human resources is a strong point for our connections within the industry.

Technology Access

Our systems are strengthened because of our investment in latest technology assets. These are tools for connecting activities at all levels through softwares.

Use of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Primavera and other softwares have enabled us to identify challenges and risks well in advance, thereby mitigating them at the right time.

State-of-art P&M fleet

GENERIC has access to large number of machinery and equipment through various channels which enables us to execute multiple projects simultaneously.

High quality of these assets is an important factor through which we ensure that the projects run without any hurdles. With the latest technology at hand, our clients have confidence in our support system for quality of processes in the arena of construction and engineering.

Project Financing

GENERIC has a strong relationship with financial institutions. This has fortified our position when it comes to seeking financial services from providers.

Due to our competence of delivering projects on time, our financial partners – Insurers and lenders - have invested their trust in us. Their faith is an important pillar on which the financing of projects is undertaken.